2016 Taiwan Nature Treasure Map Program

Sponsored by the Ministry of Education, Taiwan, the National Taiwan University School of Forestry and Resource Conservation is offering the “Taiwan Nature Treasure Map Program” for young people interested in promoting and experiencing the natural beauty of Taiwan. This program is a 6-week long internship which includes 1-week orientation and 5-week internship at a selected Experimental Forest, Forest Recreation Area or National Park.

This program provides you a great opportunity to learn more about the natural history of Taiwan and explore the subtropical and tropical ecosystem. You will work with local rangers and gain hands-on experiences whilst building lasting friendships. Additionally, we would love to see you sharing your Taiwan experiences with your friends and family!

Who Can Apply
English speaking international youth aged 20-30
Preferred: Background in natural science, recreation/tourism or communication/journalism
Photography, video making and creative writing skills

Work with local rangers: English documents proofreading, English teaching, English interpretation, or surveying of natural resources (about 3 hours per day).

Weekly observation records: Produce your Taiwan natural or cultural experiences weekly in the form of article, photo or video clip and post on your Facebook (or Twitter) and the program website.

Taiwan Nature Treasure Map (team work): Create a treasure map (see example below) of the internship site at the end of the program.

Please visit the web sites below for further information:
About the Program

2015 Taiwan Nature Treasure Map Program Documentary Film

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