National Taiwan University Highland Farm Internship

If you are fascinated by the experience to intern at Taiwan, here is a great opportunity just for you. Since 2016, NTU has cooperated on campus and also off campus with well-known corporations, providing international students with great opportunities to intern at Taiwan. After the internship, students will receive 3 credits for accomplishing the program.

NTU Highland Farm:
NTU Highland Farm has tremendous climatic, environmental, biological, and ecological diversities, and also located on Ren-Ai Township in Nantou County at Central Taiwan, a unique location in subtropical highland. As for internship, they provide dormitories and meals to students. Thus, student will only be required to pay for the dormitory and meal fees by him or herself during the period when they are staying at Taipei.

Please visit the web sites below for further information:
+L3 Internship

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