Taiwan Experience Education Programs (TEEP)

December, 2015
Education Division, TECO-Boston

No Program Name School Term Period of Apply Tuition Program Summary
1 Taiwan Treasure Map Project National Taiwan University 4 weeks deadline: 2016/3/18 scholarship available 1) Internship at one of the five slected natural areas in Taiwan. Participants will have to work with local rangers and review English documents, take observation records and draw a treasure map of this internship at the end of the program.
2) Provide allowance of NT $10,000 (approximately US $330) per month
3) Participants can communicate with the rangers in English.
4) http://treasuremaptw.org/
☆2 Meet Your Possibilities in Taiwan: Culture, Academics, Industry National Tsing Hua University 9 weeks; 24 weeks 2016/5/9~2016/8/22 limited scholarship available 1) The research internship is under the guidance of a faculty advisor from College of Engineering. Each participant will work collaboratively with his mentor on an on-going research project or a new project of mutual interests.
2) The industry internship includes a hands-on experience in Ta Tung University.
3) A limited number of Global Engineer Leadership(GEL) scholarship will provide round trip airline tickets up to NT $15,000 (approximately US $500) and free accommodation at university residence hall.
3 International Short-term Program: Explore Taiwan at Providence University Providence University 8 weeks 2015/12/01~2016/02/01 $2,500 Mandarin language courses and culture experience field trips
4 2016 NCTU Taiwan Elite Internship Program National Chiao Tung University 8 weeks and more 2015/12/07~2016/06/07 scholarship available 1) Students will be conducting research on either a small independent project or assisting an ongoing project in the host laboratories. Resarch specialties include engineering, social science, computer science, biological science, computer engineering and management.
2) Provide one round-trip airfare and scholarship of NT $5,000 (approximately US $166.66)
3) Do not require tuition and fees, however, students need to pay for housing and other equipment fees as they are selected to the program.
5 Inter-Asia Culture Studies Global Network University System of Taiwan 8-16 weeks, 1 semester 2015/04/01 ~ 2016/01/31 depends on the courses; scholarship available 1)Students spend a majority of their time learning research techniques, collecting data, attending workshops, conferences and academic activities, interacting with distinguished scholars and professionals and being immersed in cutting-edge knowledge.
2) Independent research and field internships include: The National Film Center, art galleries, museums, community cultural institutions, social movements, and the media (print media and Internet media).
3) Some of the slective courses are taught in English
6 International Consulting Program in Taiwan National Sun Yat-sen University 10 weeks April, 2016 scholarship available 1) Consulting program and Mandarin language courses Professional consultants will accompany the students to deal with the case.
2) Monthly subsidy of NT $10,000 (approximately US
3) The application for the 2016 program will open in late April, 2016. Program Period: July~ August, 2016 More updated information will be posted on this page soon.
✽7 International Innovation & Entrepreneur Leadership Experience Program (II/ELE) Chung Yuan Christian University 3 weeks April, 2016 $1,100 1) International activities implemented joint seminars, including student members of the CYCU and affiliate international school students; all attending a ninety-hour course lectures in English. The topics at hand comprised of: fieldwork, corporate visits, and a Business Plan contest.
2) The program is taught in English.
3) Application information regarding the 2016 program will be announced soon.
✽8 Industrial Academic Leadership Experience Program (II/ALE) Chung Yuan Christian University 3 weeks April-May, 2016 $1,100 1) 15 hours of international lectures, nine business field and 13.5 days of group projects
2) Courses are taught in English

Summarize from the website of TEEP: www.studyintaiwan.org/teep
For further information regarding each program, please consult the university directly.
☆ : the program provides internship opportunities in enterprises
✽ : courses of the program are taught in English

Please check the latest information at TEEP web site or email to Education Division (education@tecoboston.org).

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