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From Taiwan Taoyuan International Airport to Taipei

When you arrive at Taiwan Taoyuan International Airport, you have several transportation choices to Taipei, including bus, taxi and the shuttle bus to Taiwan High Speed Rail.

For more information on other transportation from airport, please check the “Transportation” section on the “Taiwan Taoyuan International Airport” website:

Taipei City


The “MRT” is Taipei’s Mass Rapid Transit light rail system. The system is extensive and it’s convenient and comfortable. The MRT is often the fastest way to travel to distant parts of Taipei. Students can also use the MRT to connect to the Taiwan Railway System at Taipei Main Station台北車站, making travel outside of Taipei even more convenient. For more information on Taipei’s MRT system, please visit:


Using city buses is a convenient and comfortable way to travel around Taipei. Most buses are well air‐conditioned, and often move as quickly as taxis. The fare for each zone is currently NT$15. Most rides within Taipei City do not travel through more than one zone. Bus drivers DO NOT provide change so you should prepare exact change before boarding (otherwise, a NT$15 bus ride may end up costing a student NT$100 or more!). The fare may be paid by using an EasyCard (see below), or in exact change on the bus. Some buses require payment upon boarding, others upon leaving. A sign on the bus will specify this. A traveler should not have to pay twice unless he/she has traveled through more than one zone. Some bookstores carry an English language guide to Taipei bus routes.

EasyCard 悠遊卡

EasyCard is a stored value magnetic transportation pass which is similar to the MBTA Charlie card and can be used for both buses and MRT rides in Taipei. EasyCards can be purchased in all Taipei MRT stations and store value in all MRT stations and convenient stores. You can store various amounts of value depending on your needs, and keep the EasyCard in your wallet, purse etc. Simply tapping the purse or wallet to the magnetic sensor allows the holder to ride the bus or subway. The appropriate amount is automatically deducted from the stored value in the card.

Domestic Travel

Taiwan Railway

For travel to destinations outside of Taipei, the Taiwan Railway is very useful. Trains run regularly from Taipei Main Railway Station 台北火車站, and SongShan Railway Station松山火車站 to destinations all over Taiwan. For more information on the Taiwan Railway, or to book reservations in advance, please visit:

Taiwan High Speed Rail

Another option for traveling in Taiwan is by Taiwan High Speed Rail. It offers a fast and comfortable riding service. There are now eleven stations in western Taiwan, and you can board at Taipei Main Station 台北火車站 or Banciao Station 板橋站 in New Taipei City. For more information on the Taiwan High Speed Rail or to book a reservation on‐line in advance, please visit:

(Information from: International Chinese Program, National Taiwan University)


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