Lighting up Taiwan, Inspiring Asia

The film for the 105th National Day of the Republic of China (Taiwan), Lighting up Taiwan, Inspiring Asia, celebrates the value of humanism. With Tsai Ing-wen becoming the first female president of the Republic of China as its central theme, the film reflects Taiwan’s democratic and economic achievements, as well as the respect its people deserve for being the masters of their own destiny. It also illustrates the tenacity and indomitable spirit of the people of Taiwan by casting light on the many figures, including director Ang Lee and 2016 Olympic gold medalist Hsu Shu-ching, whose outstanding and wide-ranging accomplishments on the international stage have made them the pride of Taiwan. In addition, the film outlines the peaceful and constructive role that Taiwan fulfills through its economic creativity and vitality, as well as its active participation in international humanitarian and medical aid. It also underlines how it is the people who have made this country great, and turned Taiwan into a beacon of hope in Asia characterized by freedom, democracy, and solidarity—Lighting up Taiwan, Inspiring Asia.

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