English Summer Camp & Global Internship in English Teaching in Southern Taiwan University of Science and Technology

English Summer Camp

The English summer camp is specifically designed for foreign students to experience Taiwan in depth in a short time through cultural activities and field trips with Taiwanese students. The main theme is to explore the beauty of Tainan, the city of ancient culture, at first hand. The program highlights Taiwan cultural experience and English teaching practicum by (1) learning Chinese language and culture, (2) visiting Taiwanese historical heritage, (3) touring Tainan cultural heritage, (4) experiencing advanced transportation and High-tech facilities, and (5) tasting local cuisine and delicacies.

Application deadline: 04/15/2017

Global Internship in English Teaching

The English teaching internship provides hands-on EFL teaching experiences and a taste of local life style through interacting with the elementary school students, teachers and faculties, host families and the local residents. It is designed to intensify the possibilities of exploring local Taiwan culture.

Application deadline: 12/31/2017

Please click the web site below for detailed information and application:


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