National Sun Yat-sen University – International Consulting Program in Taiwan

2017 is the 3rd year that National Sun Yat-sen University(NSYSU) in Kaohsiung offers International Consulting Project in Taiwan (ICPT), a team consulting internship opportunity for international youths who are specifically interested in seeking their future career development in economically booming Asia areas. Students in their master programs or just graduated are welcome to apply ICPT, a sub program under the “Taiwan Experience Education Program (TEEP)” held by Ministry of Education (MOE).

ICPT offers a 9-week consultancy internship. A group of 3~5 participants from different countries and with diverse academic expertise and business experience will be formed and dedicated to conduct a project with an aim to solve the challenges a local SME faces currently and finally provides some executable recommendations.

Each group will be assigned an exclusively advisor, who is a senior practitioner in consulting industry with much business experience and connections in their career and will guide the group by accompanying them to visit the client, meeting to provide help each week.  Local SMEs from diversified business fields and industry backgrounds will be invited to participate and cooperate with ICPT.

Application: Feb 8 ~ April 30

Please click the web site below for detailed information and application:

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