NCUE Online Mandarin Course – Summer School

🌿NCUE Online Mandarin Course – Summer School

🌿彰師大夏季線上華語課 又來了

👉3 Different time periods of classes:

周末班Weekend Classes

夜間班Night Classes

日間班Morning Classes

👉We provide various kinds of topic courses:

1.實用華語 Practical Chinese

2.發音與會話 Pronunciation & Conversation

3.生活華語 Living Chinese

4.生活華語 2 Living Chinese 2

5.商務華語 Business Chinese

6.發音與會話 Pronunciation & Conversation

7.初級華語 Elementary Chinese

8.中級華語 Intermediate Chinese

9.溝通華語 Situational Chinese

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更多疑問More Inquiries 👇👇👇👇

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